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Our Heritage

Fruktalina is an association of fruit growers  established  with one purpose - produce the highest quality fruits to set the standard for Bulgarian orchard-growers. We stay true to our principles of fresh taste and quality by being uncompromising in our growing methods and our production standards.

Furthermore we firmly believe that the quality of our products is directly related to the well-being of our staff. That is why we make sure they have everything they need to maintain the standards our clients have come to expect.

Our lands and facilities are located in the agricultural heartland of Bulgaria - the Dobruja region, contiguous to the Black Sea. As such they are ideal for cultivating fresh fruits high in vitamins and micronutrients.


Our Products

Fruktalina's has two core products - fresh fruits and 100% natural cold-pressed juices. Our products are available under our own trademark - FRUKTALINA as well as under white label for different clients.


Our experienced agronomists Ivan & Dimo  cultivate the finest cherries, apples, nectarines, apricots and grapes by meticulously taking care of our prized orchard making sure our 166 000 trees are healthy and vigorous. 

At the same time our head juicer Maria scours the fields looking for the fruits with right characteristics which give our 100% natural cold-pressed juices the fresh taste, consistency and distinct dark cloudy colour.

The Story of the Orchard

Being located in the Dobrudja valley, at the heart of  Bulgaria's breadbasket, our soils are rich in nutrients and minerals which explains the wealth of history connected with this land. From ancient rulers, to Roman and Byzantine emperors battles have been hard fought for control of these fertile lands. History has proven the vital importance of this location and we take studentship of them very seriously. This is why we look to the future guided by our past.  

Planted in 2013 the orchard has one express purpose - to produce high quality fruit using modern methods of cultivation in parallel with the traditions laid on by hundred of years of Bulgarian agricultural practices. We've planted over 160,000 thriving trees spanning over 100 hectares comprising of 5 main cultures - apples, cherries, nectarines, apricots & grapes. 

Staying true to our principals of freshness, cleanliness and environmental responsibility we have been certified by Global G.A.P. ensuring that our practices are compliant with international standards of production.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

The whole length of each and every row has drip irrigation installed - we have a whopping 250 km of this watering system, vital for the healthy development of the trees during the dry summer months. Some 2000 cubic meters of water are circulated around the orchard every day. 

We have an integrated system delivering the trees with exact quantities of high quality Italian fertilisers  necessary for their healthy development, while preserving the surrounding natural habitat.

The entirety of the orchard is covered in netting preserving the trees from hail and sunburn during the summer. The total area covered spans over 1,000,000 sq.m. making our's one of largest such installations in the country. 


We have made this investment in the quest to produce only high quality, long lasting, fruits for our customers who have come to expect from us this unrelenting drive for perfection.

The Fruktalina Family

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