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Sorting & Packaging

Our sorting line Unitech Vision 3, is provided by the leader in the industry. It was build to measure exactly for our needs by our friends in Italy, capable of handling 2.5 tonnes of fruits per hour. It provides us with the ability to sort through defects (even ones beneath the surface and invisible to the naked eye), sizes and colours to make sure our customers receive only the best quality.

Our packaging solutions are provided by Gruppo FabbriSorma, the two undisputed leaders in the sector. The packaging options have been selected in order to:

  1. Meet the needs of the international market,

  2. Optimise transport,

  3. Limit unnecessary in-store contact with the fruits pre-purchase for hygiene reasons  

  4. Limit the use of non-recyclable plastic.

Packaging Options

Работен процес.jpg

Cold Storage

We have 10 state-of-the-art cooling chambers, 5 of which have CA-ULO. In these 5 special chambers we can reduce the oxygen to a fraction of the normal consistency in air. This allow us to preserve our prized fruits for months after harvest without hampering their natural characteristics. This way we guarantee that our customers can have fresh fruits all year around.

With our fleet of cold storage vehicles we complete an unbroken temperature chain from field to store shelves, extending the shelf life of our fruits once again in an effort to satisfy even the most capricious customer.

With these thoughtful investments over the years Fruktalina's brand has become synonymous with quality, freshness and reliability. All of us at Fruktalina strive to set the standards cultivation, sorting, storing and transportation of fruits in Bulgaria, by observing the international best practices. Proof of this is our year on year Global G.A.P. certification.

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