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Preserving the Natural Habitat is a Priority

The steps we take directly benefit the local flora & fauna 

Nestled within a NATURA 2000-designated area

Our orchard is located within an area part of a network of nature protection territories within the European Union. This network, named NATURA 2000 is made up of Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas which require unique care for the preservation of the indigenous biodiversity. We strictly comply with the requirements, which sets a high initial standard for the cultivation of our fruits.

Bee-Protection Practices

Bees are fundamental to process of growing fruits and our orchard is no exception. We have a system for notifying bee keepers of our pest control dates via the local government and additionally we call them individually to warn them in advance. Furthermore, we only apply pesticides early in the mornings or late in the evenings to further reduce the risk to bees.

In the coming year we will cultivate our own population of bees to make sure they are cared for properly.

Responsible methods of pest & herb control

As the leading Bulgarian orchard grower we are acutely aware that as stewards of this land we have the responsibility to protect the entirety of its' biodiversity. That is why we use only high quality environmentally friendly products from Italy. Our agronomists tailor the program to fit the special requirements that come with being in a Special Protection Area. We embrace these high standards as it pushes us to be the golden standard when it comes to fruit production in Bulgaria. 

We take additional care of the environment by not only not treating the isles between the row of tree with any products but purposefully mowing the grass. That way we encourage the spread and development of the indigenous flora, which in turn facilitates a healthy environment for local fauna and the closed-loop ecosystem is preserved and nurtured.

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